Furniture FAQ

What is the difference between Natural, Naked, full Aniline, and pure aniline and nubuck leathers?

They are the most difficult to maintain, and the most expensive, made from Top Grain Hides; and is the uppermost section when the hide is split into layers, and considered the highest quality part of the hide. Using a dye soaked into the leather for the creation of color results in a supple and extremely soft texture. Nubuck is a term for leather that is buffed, to add additional velvet like softness.

What are semi aniline leathers?

They are also made from the top grain of the cow hide, but enhanced in color, in addition to the aniline dyeing, with a waxy coat of color. These hides can be stretched in various directions, which creates a natural antiquing look of unevenness in the overall color…this term is called, “pulling up”.

If my furniture is 100% leather why are the cushion bottoms cloth?

This allows the leather to breath.

Can sets be broken up or additional pieces be added?

Most sets can be ordered as separates, and ottomans, and or additional pieces can usually be added, or matched to die lot.

Will this fit through my door?

This question needs to be addressed on all furniture orders by customer service. We suggest that this be considered by you before placing orders for larger pieces of furniture.

Why are our prices so low? Are they damaged is there something wrong with it?

We sell in volume, and have been leading buyers in our industry for 30 years. We only sell new, NOT USED; merchandise.

Is there someone who tracks our shipment, and advises me how my order is proceeding?

That is one of the benefits of working with real designers and retailers. We are sensitive to being customers ourselves, and keep you posted as your order proceeds and notify you as to when and how it ships. Please note – multiple items ordered and shipped from different manufacturers, and locations are shipped separately.

How can I buy this if I can’t sit on it?

Shopping through the internet isn’t for everyone. And this very question is part of the reason as to why our prices are so advantageous. Everyone’s comfort level in seating is different. If you have a special type of seating that you like, call us to talk about your options in the type of fill we use in the cushions. Most manufacturers now have upgrades available for density of the cushions, or types, i.e. down or Dacron? If you want firmer cushions please specify in the special comments and instructions part of the order form.